John Dengler Tobacconist

Although not as old as the Farmer's Home building which it
John Dengler Tobacconist since 1917 is one of
the oldest tobacco shops under continuous family ownership
in the United States.  It has, for almost a century provided its
patrons with the finest in imported
pipes, tobaccos, cigars
and smoker's requisites.  Known especially for our hand
blended custom smoking mixtures and blending bars as well
as a large selection of fine pipes  The company was honored
in 1962 by the first presentation in the United States of the
most prestigious "Quality Retailer Award" by the Pipe and
Tobacco Council.  In most recent years John Dengler was
named 'Kapnismologist Extraordinaire ' by the
St. Charles
Pipe Smokers Association.

Although the nostalgic rich aromas of tobacco pervade the
antique atmosphere of the shop, the proprietors have always
been alert to modern innovation from being one of the first in
the nation to cellophane cigars (1930's) to seeking out the
finest in leaf today.

We hope you will enjoy the warm old fashioned hospitality of a
firm whose original family tradition of "Quality and Service" is
still adhered to, today.

Larry and Laura (Dengler) Muench  

Tuesday - Saturday
10am till 5pm
12pm till 5pm
Closed Mondays